at the intersection of I-95 and US 78 and US 15.

Saint George, South CarolinaJul 01, 20011 Comments

The St George police department has for years ran a speed trap within the town limits. Limits change from 35 to 25 and back to 35 and 45 and nothing makes any sense nor is consistent. There are two old town police cars sitting on highway 78 near I-95 containing (actually) two manniquins (dummies dressed as cops). There is an old cop around 70 to 75 years old, and nepotism exists in the small department. The police chief has hired his son to work with him and the son is "gung ho". He wrecked the police car recently chasing somebody (har har har). Watch out at St George when in town. IT IS A SPEED TRAP and they don’t give warnings and they do take your drivers license points.

Recently had to get off interstate 95 at this intersection (stop and go traffic on the interstate was horrible). I saw this police officer talking to someone in the parking lot across the street, run and jump in her car, pull out, come across four lanes of traffic and get behind my car. Surly she was not coming after me, when I saw her I looked down at the speed odometer and it said I was doing 38, and then I looked over and saw the sign that said the speed limit was 35. After her blue lights came on and I pulled over I found the speed limit was not 35 but 25 and got a $133 dollar speeding ticket and this was three days after Christmas (well Merry Christmas). Needless to say this has left not so good feelings toward the state of South Carolina. I’m at the age of my life where me, my kids and grandkids all vacation together three or four times a year and normally South Carolina is our destination where we spend several thousand tourist dollars a year. Well in the future Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida will be getting the Christopher family tourist dollars
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