At the stop light on Malibu Canyon Road at Pepperdine

Malibu, CaliforniaMar 12, 20102 Comments

Stop light is posted not to turn towards Malibu before 9AM. A-lot of people get tickets here because there is always a patrol car between 8-9AM out of site waiting for someone to make a mistake. And they will cite you if it’s 8:59 AM!

This is the most blatant ticket trap I've ever seen. It's a left hand turn lane that you can't turn left from between 7-9am. I've never heard of such a thing. The ONLY purpose of a left hand turn lane is to turn left and, under normal circumstances, the only way you can legally LEAVE a left hand turn lane is to turn left. In this situation, once you enter the lane, you are guaranteed to break the law, no matter what you do. If they REALLY want to prevent people from turning left, they should block access to that lane between 7am-9am. Then, no one would ever do it... but I have a feeling the City of Malibu wants to keep things just the way they are - a blatant trap to generate revenue. It's understandable to restrict left turns from a lane where you have another option (ex: going straight) but restricting left turns from a lane, the sole purpose of which is to make a left turn, is absurd.
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They want and wait for you to break the law so that there is more ticket revenue. Many people do not see the sign and they could stop the violations by posting a more promininant sign but the purpose of the rule is revenue from fines. I know the sign is there and do not make the mistake but I feel for the people who make the turn in error and get slapped with a couple hundred dollar fine. Fair ?????????????
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