At town line on 425 & also just past police station

Ferriday, LouisianaNov 13, 20190 Comments

There are two white speed signs in Ferriday. One says 35 and the other says 50.
Rather than using the proper yellow school speed sign for the 35 speed like every other town in the US, this town uses a white regular speed sign with super tiny hours on it that you can’t read until you are near the sign.
The second trap is near the police station located in a shopping plaza at the end of town. If you have out of state plates, you will most likely be targeted. My partner is military and several of his crew has been pulled over including him. If you say you are military and flash your ID, you will most likely not get a ticket.
My partner did not show military ID and was given a $149 ticket for 5mph over speed limit. I was also targeted later for going 2mph under the speed limit when I drove to Ferriday to pay his ticket. The worst part is that they have an unqualified non-certified dispatcher who will not give straight answers when you have questions. If you ask her something she doesn’t know the answer to, she gets angrier. When you see how run down this town is, it will make sense to you about why they have speed traps. With trees growing out the roofs of buildings, this town probably needs money.
Also, the police chief is referred to as “Major” which in itself is a conflict of interest. No one should serve as a police chief and Major at the same time. I suspect he is why all the Ferriday posts were removed from this site, due to special privileges.
Lastly, the town mayor also serves as the town judge, so you have a slim chance of getting a fair trial. Another “major” conflict of interest.

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