Avenue H & Bayless Avenue

Bella Villa, MissouriApr 11, 20112 Comments

Bella Villa police will indeed stop you for any real or imagined infraction. I was stopped the other night just past City Hall on Ave H. The officer first said I didn’t stop completely at stop sign. Then gave me a ticket for “running a stop sign.” I was surprised as I know it is a speed trap and was being very careful. When I stated that I didn’t think I had run a stop sign he said “going 20 mph isn’t stopping and I’m not going to argue with you.” He spoke quite harshly and after that I didn’t say a word. I know I didn’t run that stop sign but paid the ticket anyway as it would be my word against his. I suspect most people do the same.

I was stopped for having expired license plates and the officer began questioning me for any possible infraction he could find. Example, were my sunglasses prescription because I have a eyeglass restriction on my driver's license. I handed him an expired insurance card and he was going to write a ticket for it, but I quickly handed him the current one. He verified that my wife had actually renewed the license plates when he ran the check through his computer, and I had the little stickers in my hand (she didn't put them on the plates yet) and he still wrote the ticket. $67 and a trip back to the city or else they'll get me with another fee if I try to pay it online. This place is known all over St. Louis as the worst "postage stamp" place for made up infractions. They routinely accuse (and site for illegal lane change) under the pretense of drunk driving if you touch the white lines on the side of the road.
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Best keystone cops in the state of Missouri.They are not to be confused with real police officers.
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