Bayshore Parkway near 26th and 43rd Streets

Bradenton, FloridaApr 15, 20082 Comments

I was working on a roof on Bayshore Parkway beteen 26 st and 43 st and I look over the side of the building and I saw about 10 police cars in the parking lot of this docters office with the radar gun.The Speed limit on this road is 30 MPH.The police had that radar gun working overtime. I travel this road ever day and yes you will find the police with there radar gun, But you will see them more on the north side of the road._

Bayshore Parkway goes from 14th St to 34th St So there is no way this occured between 26th St and 43rd St Since Bayshore parkway ends at 34th St. It could be the original writer is dislexic and meant between 26th St and 34th St. But in any event this is not a regular speed trap as I drive that route daily and have seen the radar gun thing but only once.
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I agree with the one comment.... Bayshore Parkway and 43rd Street do not the information on this site is not accurate at all and there is very rarely any kind of law enforcement there.
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