Between 79th Street and 83rd St. on Roberts Road

Bridgeview, IllinoisJan 15, 20105 Comments

A Bridgeview cop sits in a unmarked light blue Dodge Charger. Inbetween all the school crossing zones. He sits far back so you can’t see him. He will write you a ticket for 5 over the limit. And he has a real bad attitude about everything. He is out of Bridgeviews city limits, but does not care. If you get a ticket from this cop, go to court and fight it, you will win.c2p

The Bridgeview police officer in the Blue Dodge Charger does not hide when he is on duty. He has a radar gun that can clock you from 1000 feet. He also has stood by the school sign and been seen with the radar gun in his hand. If he gets you for driving 5 miles over the limit it is due to the fact people are driving more then the Posted 20 miles an hour in the School zone when children are present. That zone he monitors is in Bridgeview. He must have stopped you and given you a ticket. He does not have a bad attitude. It is your right to go to court and the judge will let you know what amount of money you will have to pay if you are found guilty. And yes it can be called a Speed Trap when speeding in a school zone when children are present.
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Your remark was dated Jan 2010... What was the outcome ???? Did you beat the ticket? Just wondering as I got one also and had to pay a heafty fine.... Judge found me guilty.....
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I was pulled over a few weeks ago for going 47 in a school zone...there were no children present on the street until I saw a crossing guard appear with one child and that's when he pulled out with his lights on. The school is 3 blocks away, the crosswalk is not at the street closest to the school, and I had not seen the sign--but at that time of morning I had never seen children on Roberts Road except for gathering in front of their apartments (not on the corner), which I had figured was to wait for a bus--I had no idea a school was over there (since it's not visible). I have court in a month.
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I agree, that OLD cop in the blue Dodge has a really bad attitude. Shouldn't he retire already???? Anyways, Roberts Rd is such a busy rd and the school is not visible. Not many kids are found between 79 and 83 (on Roberts Rd) since the school is a few blocks of the rd. So yes, it's a trap, especially in the winter since most kids are being driven to school.
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The term "speedtrap" implies that some bait or ruse is being used to snare drivers who are "innocently" breaking the law. If the posted speed limit is exceeded you are violating the law, plain and simple. The officer is only doing the job our tax money is paying him to do. I'd rather see one kid saved from injury or death than to see a daydreaming cellphone using driver save a few minutes on his trip by speeding over the limit.
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