Between Charleston and Beaufort

Charleston, South CarolinaJan 19, 20102 Comments

Going south from Charleston towards Beaufort on Highway 17, there is an (approximate) 25 mile stretch with maximum speeds of 50 and sometimes 45. Ironically, some of this stretch is four lane highway, surrounded by nothing more than woods and swamp. In other words, the speed limit has no real relation to what a reasonable speed limit should be.

Out-of-state drivers are easy prey for the troopers/police as they drive through, at what must seem to them to be a natural speed, of 65 or 70. Although the official speed limit is ridiculous, you will be ticketed (I believe over $200) for going 10 miles over the limit.

There is no such thing as a speed trap. Signs are clearly posted, drive above the posted limit then any ticket you receive is your fault, period. Now I'll agree there are areas that are more highly patrolled, but that does not constitute a trap. Accept the ticket...accept the responsibility.
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This is not a speed trap. This stretch has been listed as one of the deadliest in the country. Many accidents occur when a vehicle runs off the side of the road, panics, then over steers into oncoming traffic resulting in a deadly head-on collision. They are working on widening but due to "environmental" concerns it is taking much too long. There are several passing zones so just take your time and wait on a passing zone. The life you save my be your own and mine!
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