Between MM 44 and 46 on CO 139

Rangely, ColoradoApr 18, 20104 Comments

Heading north on 139 the speed limit goes from 65mph to 45 mph just past MM 44 for a right hand corner but stays 45 for about 1 1/2 miles, most of it straight road with only a couple of rarely used access roads. At the north end of this stretch is a curve with a county road to the west then the speed limit goes back to 55 mph. This should be 55 mph all the way through with the corners marked with 45 mph advisories. Truly a speed trap.

Ok... If your going to add speed traps please get your facts straight. Traveling north the speed drops from 65mph, to 55mph, to 45mph. This section of highway is very dangerous for many reasons. Wild animals tend to congregate in this area, and your going to think needs to be 55mph, when you smash into a 2000lb elk in your compact car. Next the roadway is very narrow and the corners are very sharp. Lastly this highway is very busy and people drive entirely to fast on it anyway. If it were up to me I'd drop the speed limit in this area to 30mph, and the entire rest of the highway to 55mph. And lets not forget as I've seen posted on here, "What the heck is a speed trap anyway, its not like the cops have there foot on your gas pedal." If your man or woman enough to speed, expect the consequences. Lets practice some personal responsibilty and stop blaming others for your own stupid behavior.
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I'd love to see more law enforcement on this highway.
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Commenter #1 says, "Get your facts straight". The post said the speed limit went from 65 to 45, oh gosh! The poster left out the 55 which applies for around 100 yards? And they might check and see how many 2000# elk there are on Douglas Creek, LOL! The majority of the traffic by far are pickups and trucks, compact cars are seldom even seen. The whole road from Highway 64 to Loma is habitat for wild animals, are you condoning making the whole road 30MPH? Get real! There are no more animals in the stretch mentioned than any other part of the road. There was a recent, tragic fatal accident on the north corner of this stretch but excessive speed was the cause, estimated 75MPH.
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Noun 1. speed trap - a trap arranged on a roadway for catching speedersspeed trap - a trap arranged on a roadway for catching speeders snare, trap - something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches you unawares; "the exam was full of trap questions"; "it was all a snare and delusion" If after a 45 MPH corner at either end and then over a mile of straightaway, posted 45, I would challenge those who would claim this is NOT a trap to explain their reasoning. Doubt that we hear anything from the author of the 2000 Lb elk tho, that kind of ignorance just doesn't display itself often! One thing I've found on this site, I clicked on "Yes this is a speed trap some time back" and found that coming back this evening I was able to click and be counted once again. Makes one wonder if the anti speed trap folk might have discovered the same thing? HMMMMMMM! Hard to believe that there are 23 people that believe this stretch of road ISN'T a trap.
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