Blacksburg town & 460 speed traps

Blacksburg, VirginiaJul 26, 20130 Comments

I’ve got a few:
1. Easy to spot, but you’re risking a ticket from a State Trooper on 460 between Christiansburg and Blacksburg on the straight-way just before the first Tech exit or before the first Christiansburg exit. You’ve got options for running if you’re headed towards Blacksburg because the exit throws you onto mainstreet or in the industrial park (trust me, I’ve had to do it many times, but be careful)
2. Merimac Road occasionally has checkpoints and speed traps near the church close to the huckleberry trail.
3. Toms Creek Road in the residential area just after you cross the bridge over 460. Speeding almost anywhere on this part of Toms Creek will get you a ticket, sometimes even for only 5 over.
4. Prices Fork Road heading away from town just after you pass Heather Drive, as you reach the top of the hill SUV cops are sitting on the grass or parked on the trail parallel to the road. Also watch for the firestation and Kipps Elem. School grass during the school year, if you get caught there then goodluck running from a police Dodge Charger. Also watch out for the decline of Prices Fork as you pass BHS/BMS.
5. Prices Fork Road across from Cox Driving Range. At night you can almost always count on a police cruiser being in the gravel parking lot connecting to Merimac.
6. 460 after the Christiansburg exits as you’re approaching Falling Branch Elementary and I-81 on-ramps; the speed limit bumps down to 55 and then to 35. You can count on an officer being below the 81 over-pass bridges every single day, especially during average commuting hours.
7. Main Street between Blacksburg and Christiansburg once the speed limit hits 45, do not exceed 50. This whole area is a wide open speed trap and has been for years, endless places for officers to get a good read on your speed for almost any direction.
8. Tech Campus: in many cases, regardless of being a student or not, Tech Campus violations will be worse than Blacksburg Town violations. The duck pond, specifically, has three very discreet speed traps. A) The overflow parking lot with many of the Engineering dept. vehicles parked in it, they’ll hide back in those cluster of vehicles. B) The straight road connecting Duckpond Road to the Smithfield Plantation; it’s very dark at night and has a straight view to Duckpond Road just as you’re declining, coasting, and gaining speed. and C) The other side of the duckpond from the previous two locations, closer to the drillfield and the new parking garage. Officers will sit on the duckpond grass, hidden by trees, with a clear view of the road as it declines in both directions.
8. Downtown, Wells-Fargo Bank’s ATM Drive through typically has anywhere from one to four police cars parked in that area on any given night. Mostly looking for DUIs and Drunk In Public but don’t be surprised if they have nothing better to do than to catch you for speeding through downtown.

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