Briggs Avenue near Fairmount Avenue

La Crescenta, CaliforniaAug 29, 20063 Comments

Briggs Ave is a quiet two-lane road in a residential neighborhood of La Crescenta that goes downhill with 30 mph speed limit. Due to the downgrade, no one drives 30. Once in a few months (like clockwork), CHP offiders will be at down of the hill, pointing radar guns at morning commuters and citing them. Once, one motorcycle CHP officer was stopping multiple cars at the same time (stopping one, then while that cas is waiting, writing citation for another car already stopped and waiting and so on). This is a LA County Sheriff jurisdiction, at least a mile from the freeway. I realize that CHP technically also has jurisdiction in local streets too, but what the heck are they doing at least a mile away from the freeway? This is a blatant attempt to collect some money from the local residents. Notice that since CHP does the ticketing, the local LA County Sheriffs supposedly "has nothing to do with it". If they are really concerned about the safety, they should install a speedbump or two instead of ticketing the motorists. Of course, the speedbumps won’t generate any revenue.

It should be noted that the CHP parks right across the street from The LaCrescenta Sheriff's station.
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Most of the streets in La Crescenta which go north/south are quite steep, since they're coming down from or going up to the San Gabriel Mountains. Every such street from Pennsylvania Avenue east to Brigs Avenue does this and all are steep. However, this segment of La Crescenta is unincorporated and is under Los Angeles County jurisdiction which puts police protection in the hands of the Sheriff's Dept. What is not generally understood is that the California Highway Patrol has jurisdiction in all traffic matters in this area. The Sheriff's substation on Briggs Avenue does not except for some cases which may involve gangs or drug smuggling or some egregious traffic violations sheriff's deputies may witness. In each of the three cases cited here, Briggs Avenue, La Crescenta Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue at Orange Avenue, which traverses all three of these streets, there are elementary schools with children coming and going during the day. In the case of Pennsylvania Avenue at Orange, the Valley View Elementary School is barely one block west. In the case of La Crescenta Avenue, Monte Vista Elementary School is barely one block east and further down is the back end of Rosemont Middle School. In the case of Briggs Avenue, a special stop sign was set up because of the Mountain Avenue Elementary School on that cul-de-sac street which empties directly out on to Briggs Avenue where a crossing guard is stationed for the protection of the children. There are signs posted on Briggs Avenue, Rosemont Avenue, La Crescenta Avenue, Ramsdell Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue advising motorists to watch their downhill speed. Briggs Avenue is especially steep. Downshifting is an easy matter and big trucks involved in cleaning out the canyons for LA County do this as a matter of course, when they're carrying a full load down one of those streets. There has been more than just one accident, one involving a fatality a few years ago on Briggs Avenue at Foothill Blvd. because of the steep terrain and the failure of brakes.
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I have been a resident in the upper briggs terrace for about sixteen years and have yet to get a speeding ticket going down Briggs Ave. Here's an idea. If you are concerned about getting a ticket maybe you should slow down. The life you save maybe your neighbors or friends child.
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