Brusly, Louisiana

Brusly, LouisianaMar 16, 20180 Comments

Brusly Louisiana police lurk in the shadows at all times of day and night, typically in secluded trees and shrubbery, behind medians, at schools, in turnabouts, etc. Instead of parking in the open to deter speeding (which would be effective but reduce ticketing), they hide out so that you cannot see them and so that they can tag you with radar and continue their extortion scheme.

The trick to this speed trap is that you are permitted to travel at the sane and safe speed of 55MPH both before and after their city limits. Highway 1 on this stretch of road is open and totally straight, with no turns, hills, bumps, or visual obstructions, for miles. Inexplicably, with no change in road geography, the City of Brusly has seen fit to lower the speed to 45 for the duration of its jurisdiction over the roadway.

The police sit, as I said, secluded in the shadows, at the junctions that the speed goes from 55 to 45 and from 45 to 55 again. They want to catch you not decelerating fast enough or accelerating too fast. They don’t actually care about you endangering anyone, because if they did, they would do what the state police do, which is to make themselves very visible as a discouragement to speeders. They want your money.

It’s a shameful extortion scheme. Anyone ticketed by them should fight it. Do not just hand over your money to them. That will only encourage them to keep thieving and getting fat off the profits they make from preying upon out-of-towners who have to use the roadway to travel.

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