Cantrell Road near Interstate 430

Little Rock, ArkansasApr 05, 20082 Comments

If you are driving west on Cantrell towards the 430 overpass look out on your right for a motorcycle cop. They will get you as you pass Pleasant Valley on your left and that Presbyterian church. He will sit right inside the brick wall to your right that is the entrance to a neighborhood. One day late morning/early afternoon he jumped right out in front of me. I had to hit the brakes hard to turn in and miss the wall and him. Wasn’t going that fast. He jumped out and gave little time to react. He was talking on his cell and writing a ticket. (multi-tasking) As he approached my car to hand me the ticket I heard him tell the person on the other end…I’ll see you in a minute for lunch.


I've lived nearby that church all my life- it's pretty rare to come across a cop in that area, although when the Osbornes kept their lights up there were quite a few around in that neighborhood.
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Westbound Cantrell @ Pleasant Valley is now part of the roving speed traps that the LRPD has. They set up in an area (4 - 8 cops) to generate the tickets. They will set up on one site for a day and then move on to the next site the following day. That is the way they get around it being called a Speed Trap, but it still is. They do not have to be in any particular area all day every day for it to be a Speed Trap. It's the same today (June 2014) as it has always been. Occasionally I will see a cop on the eastbound side of Cantrell at one of the entrances to Reservoir Park. They hide behind a utility pole for the morning commute into the city.
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