Casino Road near Elementary School

Everett, WashingtonFeb 19, 20083 Comments

Police stand by the cross walk with a hand held Radar devise and then signals people over during school getting in and getting out daily.


The Everett Police Department will set up their speed trap in the morning and afternoon, timed to the Horizon Elementary School schedule. There are as many a THREE police officers involved; they usually stand in the road or sometimes, up on the side walk. I have seen one occurence where FOUR officers were being used. There are far worse areas for speeding drivers on Casino Road than at this spot, which is a marked crosswalk with activated flashing yellow lights. I live only a short distance away from this area, and see drivers getting motioned over all the time; they ultimately receive a ticket in the mail, there are NO breaks for anyone.
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This is everyday.... by that school
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In 2012: There are three entries here which are virtually identical. This is one of them. Especially during school season, virtually every day there are at least 2 Everett police officers at the school on Casino, in-between 4th/5th and Evergreen, which the commenter refers to. If you turn onto Casino from 4th/5th, you have a split second to see the 20 mph/flashing yellow light, as it's too close to the intersection. I got lucky one time and had the motorcycle cop two in front of me, no doubt readying himself for his collection duties (it was before the time, and I wondered where he was going, which then got me to notice the sign). I've never missed it since. They'll set up prior to 2:30, which is when the lights start to flash and they raise their radar guns in sync, I've seen it! They'll even deliberately press the button for the nearby pedestrian crosswalk to go amongst the stopped cars to motion people over, whether it's speeding or not wearing a seatbelt. This is a major revenue raiser for the City of Everett! It's best to take an alternative route!
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