Casino Road near Hardeson Road

Everett, WashingtonApr 21, 20084 Comments

There is a poorly marked scchol zone with an officer camped out on the sidewalk waiting to take your DL# and send you on your way, believing you are getting off with a warning until the ticket shows up in your mailbox a few days later. He has to go catch another driver w/o a clue they are breaking the law.


I drive this road every morning and patrol usually starts around 8:20 in the morning. When you see the lights, slow to 20 about 500 ft before the lights. I received a ticket here when I first moved to Everett, but I got out of it. The law states that the school zone extends 350 ft from the crosswalk and since the officer uses LIDAR, my speed of 35 was clocked at 482 ft, outside the 20mph speed zone. When I went to court, I saw many people just give in and many didn't put up an argument. The laws are there, use them.
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Geesh, A officer! My husband and I too travel that road to work everyday as well and there were 7-8 officers out there most of them standing in the middle of the road just nailing as many cars as they could as fast as they could. They don't write you a ticket but tell you, you will recieve one by mail! Yepper, that ticket never came but a letter from the Department of Licensing sure enough did, asking my husband for his license for not paying a ticket he never got. Why aren't these officers out there looking for real criminals or eating doughnuts or checkers or something! Never donate to their fundraisers! Save your money and spend it one those tickets or yourself.
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In 2012: There are three entries here which are virtually identical. This is one of them. Especially during school season, virtually every day there are at least 2 Everett police officers at the school on Casino, in-between 4th/5th and Evergreen, which the commenter refers to. If you turn onto Casino from 4th/5th, you have a split second to see the 20 mph/flashing yellow light, as it's too close to the intersection. I got lucky one time and had the motorcycle cop two in front of me, no doubt readying himself for his collection duties (it was before the time, and I wondered where he was going, which then got me to notice the sign). I've never missed it since. They'll set up prior to 2:30, which is the afternoon time when the lights start to flash and they raise their radar guns in sync, I've seen it! They'll even deliberately press the button for the nearby pedestrian crosswalk to go amongst the stopped cars to motion people over, whether it's speeding or not wearing a seatbelt. This is a major revenue raiser for the City of Everett! It's best to take an alternative route!
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"Poorly Marked"? How is flashing yellow lights, signs and the officers in orange safety vests..."Poorly Marked"? Appearently, some drivers need to pay attention a little more to the roadway and what is up in front of them. I frequent this area and think these officers are doing a great job. For heaven's sake, its a darn school zone anyways....... PAY ATTENTION
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