Cedar Grove Road at Kent Park

Broomall, PennsylvaniaApr 18, 20110 Comments

APPARENTLY, there was a problem with people going too fast on Cedar Grove Road , so for “safety purposes” (LOL) they lowered the speed limit from a reasonable 35mph down to 25mph. Now I’ll admit, that yes people had a tendency to drive a good bit over the speed limit (usually around 50 in a 35), but in the 13+ years that I’ve been driving I saw maybe 2 speed traps anywhere on that road, then about a year ago they lower the speed limit and all of a sudden now they are sitting there ‘licking their chops’ on a fairly regular basis. I should probably also mention that this speed trap is at the bottom of a very large hill going in either direction. Safety, huh? If this was genuinely a concern over safety, then why not EVER ENFORCE THE REASONABLE SPEED LIMIT? There is a VERY simple answer for this, this reduction in speed limit from 35mph to 25mph has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with safety and EVERYTHING to do with the township padding the treasury. There is no good rebuttal ANY township official or police officer could possibly put forth that would debunk my statement. Look at the facts, it’s right there in front of you.

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