cheneyville LA. hwy 71

Cheneyville, LouisianaFeb 10, 20141 Comments

On Jan 25TH Becareful coming thru this town because its definetly a speed trapp it also is a gold digger town..Recently my girlfriend and i was travling thru Cheneyville on our way north to another town we like the back roads because of the history they have in them…as we was entering the city limits sign said reduce speed ahead we did just that ..and then the speed dropped frm 55 to 45 to 35..really fast before you even know it..
As we entered the city we have been behind another car we have been following for a long time.. the speed limits dropped and so did we..we had seen the police car heading south on 71 and i saw the gps speed limit and it said 35 i looked at the speed o meter it said 39 mph.{keep this speed in mind} we passed the police car i saw he had turned the light on and turned around and was now heading north…i was pulled over and was issued a ticket for 46 in a 35 the officer gave me the ticket i asked him how come if i was doing 46 and following another car in front of get this one he was doing {duh..duh..}if he is doing 39 nad im supposed 46 would we could have done 2 things one passed the other car or crashed into i ask you is this town a speed trap or what..
Her is the other part of this when i called to see how much i owed this wonderful town…i sure hope you are sitting down …$199.95 yep that is for 46 in a 35…when i could not have been more than 39..O’well it will be a long time before this town see me or girlfriend..
Get real Cheneyville we live in America…. good luck people traveling thru this town and hold on to your wallet they are legal robbers

Cheneyville , Louisiana is definitely a speed trap entrapment. The 45 mph and then the 35mph after the curve, and are too close together. They are definitely in the money making business. After receiving my ticket for 40 in a 35, the policeman ( who has been there a long time ) told me, be safe now, then proceeded like a bat out of hell doing at least 55 mph in the same 35 mph. I assume he was late for lunch. Policemen all over the country are entrapping American citizens to make money for the higher ups in these towns like Cheneyville. I could not sleep at night if I had a sorry ass job like that.
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