Cheneyville, Louisiana, Highway 71 Northbound

Cheneyville, LouisianaOct 09, 20131 Comments

I was driving north on 71, approaching Cheneyville, when I noticed the police cruiser traveling south. I checked my speed (53 in a 55) and looked up and saw a sign warning me of an approaching 45 mile zone. I removed my foot from the accelerator, and by the time that I got to the "Speed Limit 45" sign, I was under 50 miles per hour. By the time we crossed paths, I was doing 45, on my way down to 35 for the next speed zone.

As soon as we crossed paths, the officer made a u-turn and initiated a traffic stop, issuing me a ticket for 55 in a 45. I didn’t even speak to him, I just signed the ticket and went about my business. Now that I see that others have had the same experience in this town, I am wondering if I should try to fight the ticket?

Anyway, watch your speed in Cheneyville, because it seems that the officer there isn’t familiar with the way speed zones work.

Iand my girlfriend where traveling north thru cheneyville LA..heading to a bed and breakfast north of there .As we where starting into the city limits i saw reduce speed ahead and did just that for a couple of reasons one is to obey the speed limit and the other was because we had been behind another automobile..we had been down to the speed limit@ 45 at that time and went to 35 in less than a block in reality you don't have enough time to get to 35 from 45 that fast..i have read some of the other comments on here and they are all most the exact same as what happened to us..anyways we saw the police car traveling south..and at that time i looked down at speed on my GPS and it was at 39 mph..i remember this cause my girlfriend asked me how fast we where also keep this in mind...we are still behind the same auto mobile we had been following for many miles before we got to the town from as we passed the police car heading south he had turned on his lights..he turned around pulled us this is were its gets he walked up to the car he introduced himself and said the reason i pulled you over is because you were doing 46 in a 35 i looked at him and said really I was doing what.and he repeated it again..asked me for all the legal paper work just shy of where is your bank..(smile)..when Mr. wonderful came back to the give me a summons for speeding 46 in a 35 i said how come you stopped me when i was following the same speed as the auto in front of us..i hope your ready for this ...he told us that the car in front of us was doing 39..i looked at him and said really i ask you all if the car in front of you is doing 39 what do you think the auto behind him is doing..ill give you a hint if he is doing 46 i think there would have been a crash..just to give you how much this town from HELL charges you for speeding it was $ i ask you is that fair or from out of state so i had to pay this crappy deal...all i can say is watch your speed or use the interstate they dont seem to be out there working it...take care Cheneyville La i hope you become a ghost town soon....
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