Chestnut Street at Fire Station

Roanoke, AlabamaMar 17, 20103 Comments

This was an 8 man police force 15 years ago. They now have 28. just put 12 brand new cars on the road in a small town of 6500. yes, this is a serious speed trap – – which is how they paid for the new cars.

Continuing to set up license checkpoints like it was martial law.

Yeah, Don't you just HATE when Law Enforcement actually enforces the law? It is called "proactive law enforcement".......In other words, they actually go out and find the people that don't obey the rules. If you obey the law, then you don't need to worry so much about it. It is NOT like martial law, where they would immediately arrest you simply for being out after dark.....It is simply men trying to do their jobs, and keep our streets safe by ticketing people with no insurance, no license, and arresting the drunks that could wind up running over YOUR children. Pull your head out of your butt, take a deep breath, and think before you blurt out some ignorant garbage.
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Oh, and by the way, Roanoke works 2-12 hour shifts a day, and they swap with 2 other 12 hour shifts every third day, so there are only 3 cars on the road per shift in the "small town" of Roanoke. As stated previously, educate yourself on Police procdure before you runn da mouth.
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Edit to add...............They got a grant from the federal government to pay for the cars, which also required them to sell all the old cars..........So...once again, you know no true knowledge of what you are speaking of.
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