Church Street. Espically in front of the police/courthouse

Clarkston, GeorgiaDec 14, 20102 Comments

The stop sign right in front of the Clarkston Police Station/Courthouse. The officer parking is on your right. The officers sit in the parking lot, and write tickets all day long. Just got back from court, and at least 25 people were there pleading “Not Guilty” to Failure to yield at a stop sign. And the same officer wrote all the tickets. Plead NOT GUILTY if you got this ticket unjustly.

It is a waste of time to plead not guilty even when you are. The judge is always going to take the police officers side. Just left court and not a single person was innocent. Police lie and judge agrees.
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I totally agreed with the above comment, I thought I will prevail because I was 100 % innocent but I was wrong Judge Stephen Nicholas was actually collabaratting with the officer who lied in a day light to give me a ticket. The actually went back 20 years in my history and read it to me to demoralize me and submitt to their injustice. I brought my witness in may but the cancelled it to give time to their officers and today my witness had to work so I brought with me Affidavit notorized and signed but the judge refused to take it. This judge is sitting in the court room to collect money from poor immigrants and people who doesn't speak English very well. What is our world became, people swore and infront of the flag and Bible to go in to the court, As people we have lost our moral value. It scary world when you have criminals stealing, murdering innocent people by violence and then you have the officers and judges taking your money for no crime or breaking the law. As of today after paying hefty fine in the clarkston court for no violation I trully believe there is no justice in Clarkston or in U.S.A the law is not to serve the people but to serve collect income from innocent people. I also believe there is no GOD if there was God this injustice woudn't be happening.
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