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Defuniak Springs, FloridaJul 15, 20022 Comments

Patrol Car parks just beyond speed limit sign reducing limit.

The Defuniak Springs police focus on patrolling at night. They tail cars with their lights off on Hwy 83 coming into town, which the Chief of Police shared that he allows. There is a 55 mile an hour speed limit sign, then a 45 mile an hour, then a 35 mile an hour---all within about 1 mile. The area is ill-lit. I was driving into town confused with where I was, pulled over about 20 yards after the 35 mile/hour speed limit sign to consult my directions. After figuring out where I was, I pulled out and within 7 seconds, a policeman behind me put on his lights and pulled me over. He told me he saw me pull over. The only way he could have seen me pull over and still be behind me a few minutes later, was that he pulled in behind me with no lights. While I was sitting there waiting on him to write a ticket, I saw 2-3 other police cars pass by, TAILING other cars----not just passing by, but obviously tailing them. I came back 2 days later to check where I was pulled over----no police cars anywhere. They only bother with patrolling at night, because they know people from out of state are often confused with speed limits, coming in and out of small towns and it's dark. They hide behind the 35 and 45 mile signs and follow with lights off. I consider that a speed trap. When I asked the Police Chief to review the video of the officer, he commented that the videos didn't always work. Really?????
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Police wait behind the 35 mile an hour speed limit sign, and pull out with their lights off. The stretch of road on Hwy 83 coming into town is dark and people don't pay attention because they are getting ready to turn onto Hwy 90. The speed limits change very quickly coming into town. I feel this does constitute a speed trap. It is clearly revenue producing behavior on behalf of this town.
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