Colbert County

Ford City, AlabamaMay 17, 20032 Comments

There is a stretch of highway in colbert county called River Road. If you travel this road that runs from Lawrance county into Colbert County then you have seen the State Troopers that patrol here. There more accidents on the U.S. highways that run through this area than on this county road which is straight as an arrow for 10 miles. I found out the local steak resturant lets these guys eat free. There have been times that I have seen 4 trooper cars at this one resturant out in the middle of nowhere at lunch time. This happens almost on a daily basis. Who is protecting the other highways in this area while all of these guys sit around for an hour or so BSing while we pay them. They will patrol on River Road because it is close to the resturant and the speed limit is 45. So if your on this road near lunch or dinner and you dont see any trooper cars at the resturant at the four way stop, you better drive the speed limit, which is too low for the highway.

I recently met 4 Trooper cars heading east, all about a mile apart around 11:30 a.m. It was an obvious rolling speed trap. Also in the mix was a dark blue Charger that is totally unmarked. Most of the side roads off River Road, with curves and hills are the same speed limit, 40-45mph. If you look around at all the different speed limits Alabama has posted, it makes you wonder what the basis is for establishing speed limits..I have heard one theory that the reason River Road is so popular is free lunch at the local restaurant. The Troopers and the County definitely hang out there a lot..
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The Steak Restaurant that is being referred to does NOT give the troopers and county cops free meals. Discounted meals: Yes, Free meals: No. The majority of the county cops that you see there are off duty (as they have take home cars), leighton, or they are working the east end of the county. True there are speed traps set up on river road very frequently by the troopers (their favorite being Bainbridge rd./ Gate 6/ River rd intersection) but they have been known to set up speed traps on 2nd street and county line road frequently also. the county cops will occasionally set up a speed trap around Hatton Elementary School in the mornings and afternoons to catch people on 2nd street who are speeding thru the school zone because they do not see the school.
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