Coming back from Casino Coushatta

Kinder, LouisianaJul 08, 20112 Comments

Coming back from casino on Kinder towards I-10, speed goes from 60 to 50 then 40 in less than 30 seconds and once you enter Kinder over the overpass its too late. Police sit right in front of Police station.

I also was coming from the casino in Kinder where a police stopped me. Just as I topped the bridge going toward I-10, I seen him move before I could even come down, he was on the other side waiting in a parking lot just pass the bridge. In such a short time span the speed limit changes at least 3 times.
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I too was coming from Coushatta. Turned right out of the parking lot and was crossing the bridge. As soon as I saw the 40 mph speed sign I hit my brakes to slow down and made the comment I better slow down or I'll get a ticket. Damn if there wasn't a cop sitting on the right hand side in the dark and pulled me over. I swear I did not see a speed limit sign until I was crossing the bridge. I tried to explain that I was just here for a visit and didn't know the area and that as soon as I saw the sign I slowed down to the speed limit. He didn't give a crap and said it was 40 on the other side of the bridge as well. No defensive driving allowed. Just pay the ticket and apparently they say it does not hit your credit or insurance. I hope not. I haven't had a ticket in 10+ years . Watch out that is all I can say!!!!
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