Community Road near Poway Road

Poway, CaliforniaFeb 26, 20081 Comments

On Community Road going north before Poway Road, there is a hill with 45mph as you go down, then it changes to 30mph at the bottom of the hill because of the park and fire station. Police like to hide in a greenery covered driveway right before the fire house. there is a speed checker on the way down the hill that they read to see if you’re speeding when you hit the slow zone.

I just got a ticket there. I see them there every morning, I thought I was fine but was picked out today. This is a very confusing place, in my opinion, deliberately. I was actually heading south on Community. I admit my speed to be 45 MPH, he says 50. In any case, he claims the speed limit was 35MPH, only, I hadn't reached the 35MPH sign as yet. So, I don't know, since I can't find officially what the speed limit heading south on Community Road is before you get to the firestation. He was parked on the little road north of the station, I even saw him and was slowing down because I know the sign says 35 right after the station. I decided to let an expert fight this one since I am not sure of whether I was in the right as I don't know if the speed limit is 35 from Poway Road or if it is 45 and slows down to 35 by the station.
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