Conroy Windermere Road – From Apopka Vineland to Main St.

Windermere, FloridaJan 01, 20013 Comments

Speed limits are unreasonable and confusing. When entering Windermere from Apopka-Vineland Rd on Conroy Windermere Rd, use extreme caution. There are many places on this road where Windermere police may hide. They have stopped people for going in excess of 3-5 miles over the posted speed limit of 35. Becareful especially on Main St. and Conroy Windermere Rd. I don’t advise speeding throughout the entire town. Strict enforcement.

the speed limit as you enter windermere is 30 mph not 35mph on conroy windermere, if you are going 35 they will stop you. in some places it drops to 25. It's not confusing, it's well posted and just what is needed to keep a small town safe since it is often used as a "cut through"
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When the legislature barred cops from ticketing within 5 mph of the limit, the Windermere council almost immediately lowered *every* limit in town by those same 5 mph. It isn't about safety in Windermere, it's about revenue.
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This is not a "cut through" as people in Windermere would have you believe. For many it is the only way to 535 from Apopka-Vineland/Conroy-Windermere Rds. without going 5-10 miles out of the way. The Windermere police take advantage of this and ticket unreasonably. Yes, it is true they will ticket for as little as 3 over. Also, watch the stop sign when turning onto or from Chase Rd. They will ticket if you do not stop completely.
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