Constituion Way near Marina Village Parkway

Alameda, CaliforniaAug 05, 20071 Comments

When coming out of Webster Steet tube coming over torwards Marina Village Parkway, there is usually two Alameda Police motorcycles aiming a radar gun at traffic coming down to Constituion Way. This is usually AM & somtimes PM commute. They ticket Alamedians and others if over 25 MPH. Commuters are leaving a 45 MPH zone through the tube and it changes quickly to a 25 MPH zone. Police take advantage knowing drivers will still be going over 25 MPH.

Not true. The tube, which is a 45 zone becomes a 30 MPH zone on the up hill side of the Constitution overpass. Motorist are given ample time to slow down before going down the overpass, which is stil posted as a 30 zone. Officers are citing for the 30 zone, which becomes a 25 zone after where they are posted. There is usually about a 12 to 15 mph grace given before being pulled over. This area enters a senior housing complex on west side, with a crosswalk to the local shopping center
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