County Trunk 905

Monroe, FloridaAug 12, 20071 Comments

This is a 2 lane county road, good condition with speed limit of 55 MPH where, generally, travelling 62 would be acceptable. As you went around the bend (curve) of the road another speed limit sign was erected with a speed limit of 45 MPH. Directly across the street from the reduced speed limit was a state trooper with radar. Since the limit had been 55 one would generally coast down to the lower speed limit as opposed to slamming on the brakes but this wasn’t acceptable to the trooper. It should also be noted that there was no homes, no companies and no intersections to warrant the reduced speed limit. It was just a great way of catching out of towners figuring that they wouldn’t come back to fight it. The cost $184.50! I always felt that State Troopers were above this type of activity and even if one did deserve a ticket they would give you a little break on the speed so it wasn’t so costly. Living on social security this is going to hurt badly. First ticket in 45 years, this really stunk…….

This advisory speed plate was recently added due to a worsening dip in the road until structural repairs can be completed. The advisory plate is added in conjunction with a "DIP" sign. This was done with the hope that the public would show additional caution in the area.
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