CR 87 North and South Outside Elberta Police Jurisdiction

Elberta, AlabamaMay 08, 20180 Comments

Baldwin County, AL County Road (CR) 87 North and South of Hwy 98 outside the ‘Elberta Police Jurisdiction’ posted sign is a blatant speedtrap used constantly by the little Town of Elberta, AL Police.

Marked and unmarked cars (they have a white marked Dodge Charger with roof lights and a dark gray slicktop ‘stealth’ lightly marked Dodge Charger among their many patrol car fleet – believe it or not they also have a black Humvee military assault SUV housed under a shed at their parking lot for all those hostage situations in Elberta) cruise slowly up and down Baldwin County Road 87 which is located just east of the Town of Elberta limits and intersects with Highway 98.

There is an ‘Elberta Police Jurisdiction’ sign posted about 1 mile north of Hwy 98 on CR 87 facing the southbound lane but Elberta Police routinely go far outside this posted sign pulling people over for as little as 1 mile over the posted 55 mph speed limit. I have even seen them north of Baldwin County Road 32 past the ‘Big Country’ convenience store 4-way stop.

This is a blatant and unlawful shakedown from the tiny Town of Elberta targeting tourists from all over, neighboring Floridians and anyone that is unfamiliar with the politics and made up Town ‘limits’. Elberta Councilmen and the Mayor all know that 99% of those ticketed will simply pay it and not fight it.

The State of Alabama needs to intervene in this out of control ‘Town’ (it’s not even a City). And NO, I have never received a ticket from them. I just want all that have to travel through the one red light town of Elberta to be aware of what is going on.

It’s not just the Town of Elberta working CR 87 either. Baldwin County Sheriffs patrol this stretch in marked gold/brown SUVs and marked gold/brown cars too although they aren’t as ruthless as Elberta is.

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