Del Web Drive near Massanutten Drive

Massanutten, VirginiaOct 07, 20071 Comments

Dead End road in a private resort gated community. Community Security conducts stationary and mobile radar enforcement at late night hours. The two mentioned roads are the only roads security can issue traffic tickets on, so it is overly enforced. No street lights, speed limit signs are brown and match the woods. Very rude officers, very unpleasant experience.

One of THE worst private resort/communities ever known to man. 15 mph speed limits, enforced by anal retentive storm trooper wannabes, no lights, and impossible to read brown wood with white lettering signs that are faded and unreadable at best. We used to go snowboarding up there religiously when I went to EMU in college with literally four or five car loads full of friends on our way up to the mountain. It never failed that we would get stopped, interrogated, berated, and treated like scum every single time we went. A lot of kids came up for credit courses to learn to ski or snowboard, so there were always college kids around for easy stops. If you had college parking stickers, window stickers or any sign of higher education on your vehicle or you were a minority, God help you, you're in for a long night on the mountain. Story was the higher class folks who lived in the resort and those who had winter places did not like the younger presence and wanted zero tolerance. The way we were treated you'd think they'd pay us not to come back. After a couple months of this nonsense, we spent the extra money and time and went to Snowshoe in Cass, WV where they welcomed us and treated us like you know humans. Massanutten is a lousy mountain, the snow if you can call it that looks like a frosted white slurpie, and the locals left much to be desired in every way. Nothing else locally to go board or ski unless you head to Cass which I highly advise you do if you want to have a nice time on the mountain in fresh powder and be treated decently. It's worth the time and extra money to go. And you won't be met by gestapo at the gates like Massanutten. It amazes me that place still exists and is allowed to continually abuse and antagonize people and is permitted to run speed traps on a tiny little stretch pavement in a crappy private community. Wonders never cease. Avoid this hole, go elsewhere and save the hassle.
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