Denow Road between Law-Penn Rd and Federal City Rd

Lawrenceville, New JerseySep 04, 20112 Comments

Speed limit on Denow Road between Lawrenceville-Pennington Road and Federal City Road is 45 mph except for a brief stretch of perhaps 50 yards where it is 25 mph. There is no school or playground, etc. that might warn a driver to be cautious. The officer parks in bushes just beyond this stretch.

It's 45 mph then 35 mph before the circle, not 25. This area is between Route 31 and the circle, not Federal City Rd. and Law-Pen. I checked that stretch you're referring to though and unless they cut the limit randomly in one small stretch, I couldn't find it. I've also driven there lately a few times and didn't see any such thing other than the 35. The 35 is unreasonable though on both accounts because it's still an open road before the circle, and between FC and LP its a pretty open area. 45 would be okay. Once you pass the circle, its 25 in the residential area, which should be at least 30 because its a bigger side road.
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Just to clarify, I think you mean the Brandon Farms area where the road isn't striped, but there are no houses on it and the limit is only 25. It's after the light with federal city road, in between a more open area with a 35 mph limit and a true residential area with a (reasonable) 25 mph limit. There have been reports of some enforcement but apparently its not rampant, I drove through there at 35-40 a few times and everyone else was doing the same. If this is what you're talking about, I would agree it should be 35...
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