Dietz Elkhorn Street near Fair Oaks Parkway and Ralph Fair Road

Fair Oaks Ranch, TexasJul 05, 20072 Comments

Dietz Elkhorn between Ralph Fair Road and Fair Oaks Parkway is 30 miles an hour with a school zone near Ralph Fair Road that is 20 miles an hour when lights are blinking. The problem is that at corner of Fair Oaks Parkway all the speed limits change and none are the same in any direction. If you are unaware of these changes you can speed before you even see the signs. There are a lot of curves and low places where the police can sit waiting. It is very easy to go more than 30 miles an hour on that leg of Dietz Elkhorn since on the other side of the parkway it is 35 miles an hour. The police patrol both Dietz Elkhorn and Fair Oaks Parkway all the time and often sit on the side of the streets waiting. I am in favor of the speed limits but want people to be aware when they enter the city that they are strickly enforced.

I don't know if I'd call this a real speed trap. I've been pulled over a couple of times there, but they've always given me a warning, even when I'd left my license/wallet at home. So they aren't using this location to generate fines from what I can tell. This stretch between FO Parkway and Ralph Fair has several hills and it's easy to go over the 30MPH limit even if you have your foot off the gas (speaking from experience).
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I live on Dietz Elkhorn. The police definitely have a presence. If you coast down a hill, you will go over 30 and potentially get pulled over. My wife got a ticket within 2 weeks of moving here.
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