Dry Creek Road at I-80 (Both East and West Bound Onramps)

Auburn, CaliforniaJan 17, 20102 Comments

Most every Friday through Sunday, the CHP sit and hide on the Dry Creek Road On-ramps. Those headed towards Truckee won’t see the CHP hiding to the side of the East Bound onramp until it’s too late. West Bound traffic may have Officer with a Speed Gun catching speeders coming down I-80 headed towards Sacramento, with the CHP sitting on the West Bound on-ramp ready to catch the speeders. The CHP used to sit at the Meadow Vista on and off ramps – but try to change it occassionally and sit at the Dry Creek Road on and off ramps instead.

CHP works both sides of Dry Creek. They will ticket you for at least 83 mph just for the added fine ammount. They use laser dectection with a 2 car operation.
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This is the most infamous speed trap in Northern California, on both sides of I-80 between Bell Road and Placer Hills Road at Clipper Gap. Radar, and Lidar (laser which is invisable to detectors) is used here with sometimes as many as six (6) CHP Interceptors at one time. This stretch is a regular ticket-fest for CHP on both weekdays and weekends as well. Beware anytime between 6 am till after sundown !!!
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