Each end of town on hwy. 70.

Elida, New MexicoAug 06, 20132 Comments

We were driving on the "back-roads" highway, 70, from Clovis, NM to Roswell, NM. The highway speed limit was 75 mph, which I had been abiding by. Suddenly, as we approached the VERY SMALL, run-down town of Elida, the speed limit dropped from 75 to 50 to 35, with each drop being less than one tenth of a mile apart. I put my brakes on to slow down, but short of slamming on them, skidding, and possibly having an accident, I apparently didn’t slow down sufficiently. The (probably one-and-only) policeman stopped me and said I was doing 57 in a 35 zone. I was in the process of trying to slow a fully-loaded, full-sized van from 75 to 35 mph. I told the officer I was braking and slowing down, but it didn’t matter. I felt fully pressured, being from out-of-state with a van full of people, pets, and personal possessions, to say I wanted to handle it by mail versus "returning to court". However, I did not know I would then be forced to an admission of guilt because if I refused to sign, I would be "detained immediately and held in custody until taken to appear before a judge, when one becomes available". This seems like a form of extortion to me. There is absolutely nothing in this town, and I am certain that this town has set up this speed trap and that their officer just lies in wait all day to give out tickets to make up his salary.

In NM, you have 2 options to handle a speeding citation: 1) admit guilt and agree to pay the citation within 30 days. The state allows citations to be paid by mail, by calling a toll free # or online. 2) plead not guilty and agree to appear in court. Most courts will handle this by phone, but that is the option of the court. You do not have to appear immediately. The law requires a minimum of 3 days. If you refuse to sign the citation, you will be arrested and taken immediately before a judge. After hours this means you will be booked into jail.
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If you were going 75 at anytime within 50 miles of Elida on hwy 70 you were speeding.
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