Elm St. (Main St.) Rt 36/62 in Tionesta Boro

Tionesta, PennsylvaniaApr 10, 20103 Comments

They have one of those portable devices. The speed limit is 25 through most of town although it is strangely not posted on the bridge leaving town on Hwy. 36 North or entering on U.S. Hwy. 62 North. The county seat is in this town so State and County police are everywhere. The Sheriff, who is at war with humanity, has purchased ATVs , SUVs, cameras, guns, boats, cars and laptop PCs to use against the citizens and visitors of this county. They will also stop you if you have an out of state plate. They shut down Nebraska bridge this year; 2010 so you will be forced to travel through town. It would be best to avoid Tionesta, if at all possible, if not please be watchful.

I was instrumental in getting the speed in Tionesta from 35 to 25. With the amount of heavy log and tractor-trailer trucks that are through town, along with crosswalks, school bus stops and tourists, 35 is just too dangerous. We do not have county police, only State Police. The Sheriff's office cannot clock anyone in town, they are not permitted by law, and they don't have any equipment. Yes, we have a cavalier Sheriff, however if your speeding, then your speeding. Having said that, it is a rare ocasion that someone is stopped in town speeding, we have no local police, only State Police who are 30 miles away......Tionesta is not a speed trap. By the way, Penn-Dot shut the bridge down because it was un-safe to take a load. How fast were you going?......anything above 32 mph then on behalf of my daughter who gets the bus on main street, I am glad you were caught.
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Sheriff's deputies do have equipment and very often stop people for speeding in Tionesta. The Boro has a contract with the County for the Sheriff to make such stops. Speeding is not appropriate, but neither is a Sheriff Department that harasses residents and chases off tourists. This site has been out here for at least a year, can't imagine powers to be in tourism are just discovering it, maybe that is why they are not up to speed, that town is a speed trap!
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Wow, alot of misinfomation. 1st the Sheriff is not at war with humanity. He is only making an attempt to keep his officers and the citizens and visitors of this county safe. The boat is used for search and rescue as well as educational instruction. The 4-wheelers are used to help the Forestry service patrol the large area of National Forest as well as search and rescue. Guns and cameras? really where do you think of this crap. Cameras protect Deputies as well as the people being stopped. The guns, well to tell the truth, 90% of forest county owns guns, both legal and illegal. Again officer safety. If you need the police and they show up with out guns what good are they? On to speed traps. Trap indicates that you are forced or lured into speeding. That is not the case. There are many ways that Sheriffs Deputies can ,by law, enforce speed. If you dont think they can you should probably check the law a little closer, or get your "law degree" somewhere other than a cracker jack box. But yes there are many on view crimes that Deputies can make arrests and stops for. Speed is one. The can use their cars to clock you or a stopwatch to time you. If you dont believe me try speeding through tionesta and when they attempt to pull you over run. Then you will see the amount of power they are actually constitutionally given.
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