Entering Fillmore from Westbound 126

Fillmore, CaliforniaApr 01, 20101 Comments

As you approach Fillmore the speed limit changes several times in a short distance 60 to 50 to 45 to 35. The 35mph sign sits at the beginning of a curve. Many times there is a Patrolman with a radar gun there. Since this is a highway that goes through a town, there are a lot of large trucks that can block one’s view of the several speed limit signs. Also, exiting town on west side is a senseless sign that says “END 45MPH SPEED LIMIT”. It doesn’t tell you what the speed limit is! Ticket in this area is around $350.

I have driven this route several times and have had no trouble seeing the posted signs. I know of several fatal accidents in the city of Fillmore and understand why the need for a Motor officer to enforce the speed with his "LIDAR". I find it disheartening that people can't watch their speed and be aware of how fast they are going. The deputy only stops/cites those people that are driving more than 15 miles over the posted speed limit, obviously unsafe and dangerous for the citizens and other vehicles in the area. I know I have noticed as I enter or leave a town that I must adjust my speed for the prevailing conditions, obviously you are not able to realize there are others on the roadway or possibly in the crosswalks and adjust accordingly. You got what you deserve...Maybe the deputy needs to show speeders the pictures of the victims of their carelessness....
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