Entering Manderson off state hwy 433 onto N Sherman Ave

Manderson, WyomingJul 27, 20231 Comments

July 2023. Coming off Hwy WY433 (70mph) onto Sherman Ave i slowed down as I approached RR crossing. I rolled past RR line just as police lights started flashing. I barely had enough distance to reduce speed to this point. I immediately pulled over and was given a speeding ticket for going 38mph in a 30 mph zone. After this event my wife and I decided to turn around and return to town and petition the police for documentation on radar. as we reentered town we saw that another out of state car had been pulled over. We reenacted our entry into town filming/documenting this on our iphone. I went to the town hall/police office and waited until officer who gave us the ticket came in. he was polite to us. He said there was no documentation on radar and that they use a computer estimation system to calculate speed. Looking this up later we learned that this method depends on starting and stopping time being precise and that this method is not reliable. The head policeman (chief) came in about this time and was very gruff with us. I accused them of running a speed trap operation and that they were targeting out of state vehicles. They denied this. the office had two staff workers and we encountered two policeman with two brand new police cars. This is in a town of 88 people and about a dozen homes. After our meeting at the police station/town hall we decided to linger and witnessed another speed trap victim being pulled over. We were able to take a video of this pull over. we witnessed 3 pullovers in this speed trap with 30 minutes. Crazy corrupt! The state should do something about this corrupt activity. It is not fair. I respect all small towns and try to spend some money in each that we passed through. Maps should withdraw this 2 minute shortcut to Tensleep from their app. Also, if Manderson is serious about stopping speeding vehicles they should use this money to place rumple strips and blinking light/speed monitors at entrance to town. This is common in other Wyoming towns. Our ticket was $126.

Straight away, you’re full of it. Turning onto Sherman from the highway at 70mph would flip your car, that’s a full 90 degree turn. The speed limit drops to 30 (there’s a speed limit sign right there) as soon as you turn onto Sherman. If you didn’t try slowing down till almost the RR, you were speeding for a quarter mile roughly… you shouldn’t have been going faster than 30 as soon as you turned. That’s not a speed trap, that’s being held accountable.
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