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Tallahassee, FloridaMar 19, 20100 Comments

So every place anyone has ever seen an officer sitting with a radar gun is a speed trap? The Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff’s Department both have traffic units. Each day, they go to different various locations throughout the city and county and run radar. They go to school zones in the morning, they go to places where citizens complain about speeders, and they go to various commonly travelled roads throughout the entire county. A ‘speed trap’ is a location where the speed limit is unreasonably low for the location, where maybe an officer can conceal himself to run radar, and maybe the low speed limit sign is somewhat obstructed or easily missed for 1 reason or another. There are very few if any speed traps in any city, but according to this site, there are 29 speed traps in Tallahassee? Just because you got speeding ticket doesn’t mean you were victim of a speed trap. The people would be better served if this site would weed out the idiots and just list actual speed traps.

“Gaines Street near The Wharehouse – Gaines street in Tallahassee is a classic speed trap. The road is narrow so the speed limit is set at 35 mph. I see radar being shot there about once a week or more.”

The road is very narrow, with business entrances/exits all along the path. The road is less than a mile long, heavily travelled, with no more than 1/8 mile between traffic lights. The speed limit is clearly posted at 35mph, which is a reasonable speed for the road. Officers occassionally sit out in the open running radar, just as they do at 100 other locations. What’s the trap????

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