Entire town.

Monticello, UtahJul 25, 20220 Comments

This trap was about 250 north and main?
We travel alot and I haven’t been pulled over for speeding in 5+ years.
I was just heading back home from Memphis (14 day road trip).
I am aware of speed-trap towns. When I saw speed limit of 30 mph, on a the 4-lane main street, I was pretty sure it must be one of them.
So I was being extra careful.
We had just stopped for gas and just pulled back onto Main street from center street.
I had only gone a couple of blocks and pulled into the center lane, to turn left into a business.
As I did, I noticed a cop on the side of the road. I couldn’t even see him until I pulled into the center lane to turn and I doubt I was even able to reach 25 mph in those 2 blocks.
But he flipped on his lights from the side of the road ahead of me.
I did not know they were meant for me (how could they be since he could even see me until i was rolling to a stop in the center lane?).
In either case, after I turned, he pulled up behind me and said I had been going “45 in a 30”.
I do not see how that was possible.
I had no reason to accelerate since I was turning left so quickly.
I was absolutely dumb-struck when he ignored my statements and gave me a ticket.
About the only thing he said was “I reduced it to 5 over” and “you can pay it online”.
That night, we happened to talk to someone who had served bail bonds in the area and they talked at length about the lack of standards and decency of the cops and judge on that town. She also said they constantly arrest people at the slightest provocation (like made up tickets). And if it happens on the weekend, you can post bail but you can’t get your vehicle back until Monday.
I asked if it was worth fighting the ticket and she said, since the judge had no standards either, it was best to just pay it and not return to the town.

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