Estey Road near Jones Road

Gladwin, MichiganOct 14, 20051 Comments

This trap is on Estey Rd. in the town of Beaverton, once you pass Jones Rd, right near the Eagles club. The speed limit goes from 40 to 25 for about 2 miles. They police it heavily.

This speed trap is so bad it is a joke. Limit goes from 50 to 35 with just a small sign indicating so. Just when you've figured it out and slowed down, your in a 25 mph zone. Give me a break. This zone should be 35 all the way through. A 25 mph speed is ridiculous. And the local cops know it because they exploit it. And they don't discriminate. They nail locals just as much, if not more, that out of towners. They got me 3 years ago and it was a $95.00 for 5 mph over. Now, I've been told, it is $115.00. The cops are sneaky. They don't use the Eagles club much anymore. They use a small turnoff where underground gas lines come to the surface. Its almost exclusively Gladwin County Sheriffs deputies. One in a great while it will be Michigan State Police. But I've even seen the Dept of Natural Resources pull people over. Watch out everyone. This zone is a total surprise and totally unfair.
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