Euclid and Industry Drive

Manassas Park, VirginiaOct 01, 20102 Comments

Cops sit down off the road in the building parking lot next to the stop sign. Writing tickets to people trying to get to work for 35 in a 25 in an industrial area. Why don’t you guys go arrest some criminals rather than just adding to the City coffers?

My gray area is 40-42 in this stretch of road and in general for roads posted as 25MPH. Euclid Avenue is also home to two high schools- one just over the PWC line and a middle school which incidently was here before most of the industry area came to be. Why there are schools built here is anybody's guess. One day I hear we might even have sidewalks. As for criminals, we've caught/ arrested several folks for driving on suspended licenses, transporting drugs, DUI, wanted persons, etc., etc. It's never been a quota/ revenue thing for me- if one exists. My boss says I can write as many tickets as I like. 35 over does seem facist, though ;-)
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MP cop hides behind he tall shrubs on Euclid going north 500 yards past the high school where road goes from two to four lanes. Steps out and guns you as you approach.
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