Evergreen Parkway (Hwy 74) Near Evergreen Lake

Evergreen, ColoradoJan 18, 20130 Comments

This speed trap is located at the opening of Dedisse Park in between Evergreen Lake and Christ the King Catholic Church. The speed limit on Hwy 74 ranges from 40 MPH to 55 MPH until is suddenly tanks down to 35 MPH on a downward slope leading toward the lake. People who don’t notice the reduced speed sign are very likely to speed up on this downward incline, and at the bottom of the incline there is a little entrance to Dedisse Park where the sheriff”s department often has a squad car waiting for people to come careening down the hill, still going the 40-55 MPH that the whole road has been. Most local residents slow down at this place because we are aware that the lake is just ahead, and if you pay attention you will see that the road narrows to two lanes in this area, starting at Christ the King Catholic Church. But people who don’t live in the area zoom through there at top speed and show plenty of irritation when cars ahead of them suddenly slow down a whopping 30% of their former speed. We are trying to save ourselves and you from getting a ticket, folks! Besides, it isn’t safe to be blasting through that area when there is a lake at the bottom of the slope – it is especially unsafe when the roads are icy. So remember to slow down when you see the catholic church, or else you might find a deputy waiting for you at the bottom of the hill.

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