Forest Street near Bellevue Road

Winchester, MassachusettsOct 14, 20072 Comments

A motorcycle cop frequently hides at the intersection of Forest St and Bellevue Rd Winchester (near bushes around the bend ). This is especially true during the morning about 7-9 AM. Traffic should slow immediately after the Rt 93 Bridge or after the Winchester Hosp. entering Forest St. He monitors boths sides and this guy NEVER gives warnings. Speed limit 30 MPH (too slow )

I used to live at the bottom of that hill on Forest Street, and the cop there is actually necessary to prevent excess speed accidents. Drivers come down the hill fast and can't maintain their speed without crossing over the center divider line due to lack of car control skills, and cause close calls. Also, there were 4 loss-of-control accidents due to drivers flying down the hill within 2 years when I lived there, including 2 truck rollovers; one corkscrewed and nearly killed my neighbor's son, and the other, a panel van, flipped and landed on its roof right in my driveway. We complained to the town, with the result that the cop is now in position there. Don't get me wrong: I like to drive at brisk speeds, and when I lived there on Forest Street in Winchester I owned and drove a 2000 Camaro SS with a 396-hp LS1 V-8. So I'm no Grandma. But I'm a big believer in (1) staying on your side of the road, and (2) not driving in excess of your, or you car's, capabilities.
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P.S. to my earlier comment: I found a simple solution to reducing the speed on that downhill curve during an annual block party held on Forest street, where people were crossing the road a lot with drinks and food, and were therefore at risk. It was to put 3 safety-orange traffic cones spaced out on the center divider line near the bottom of the hill (the cones were left over from my SCCA autocross days). All the cones did was to force drivers to keep within the road lines and not cross the center divider, but you'd be amazed at how average (i.e., unskilled) drivers slow down when they are forced to stay in a lane and actually aim and steer their cars with precision and accuracy.
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