Franklin St & Allen St

Ehrhardt, South CarolinaOct 28, 20091 Comments

Driving west on Hwy 64 right before you come into town, you come around a sharp curve in road and you see 30 mph sign on right thats hidden behind tree branches , and cop sitting on left hand side. There is no chance to slow down from going 55 mph to 30mph , in matter of seconds (Due to lack of proper signs) thus netting you nice big ticket. 22 mph over the limit of 30 mph (30+22) will bilk you out of your wallets for $500.00 dollars . Thats correct $500 ! Can you believe the racket they have going here? The ACLU has been notified.

I was heading west on 64 out of Ehrhardt and there was three local cops sitting there pulling people over right before speed changed to 45mph. I saw the limit sign that was going east, it showed speed limit as 35mph but he said I was suppose to be going 30mph...two different limits for the same area depending on direction you were driving. Funny thing was...all the people being pulled over were all heading west...none pulled over heading east. I was charged 185$...not for speeding but for "reckless operation". What a crooked way to bring money into the local economy!!! I was speeding either way but come on....I was two car lengths away from 45mph sign!! Charge me for what I really did. I am sure the officer thought I was an idiot for telling him I was confused of how they could have two different limits for the same stretch of road. Well so much for me traveling through that town again...I will find another route.
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