From Nisqually river to second light

Yelm, WashingtonMay 17, 20101 Comments

Cops sit on the Thurston Co side in a driveway and also at numerous places up to the second light, on SR 507, west bound. East bound on SR 510, they sit in the opening of the Southworth Elem. as well as numerous places up to the 25 mph zone. In this Zone, do not exceed 25 mph thru town. Many places to hide and catch you.

Pretty much the entire TOWN of Yelm is one continuous speed trap, from Five Corners to the casino. The speed limit is a truly ridiculous 25 mph through most of the town. It goes up to 35 mph by the Ramtha complex and that extends to well outside the town proper. You get about a mile-long stretch of 50 mph up to about half a mile from the casino where it drops down to 40 mph and then back up to 50 about half a mile from the Yelm Highway/Tumwater turnoff, and the speed limit is zealously enforced from town to the casino--I've seen the cops parked in the Mickey D's driveway, by the high school, across the highway from the casino at the fireworks stand, by the casino gas station--you name it. What makes it really annoying are all the out-of-towners heading to the casino riding the bumpers of the locals. We are driving like grannies for a reason, folks!
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