Georgetown Highway 30

Georgetown, IdahoAug 25, 20101 Comments

There is a black and white Local cop that sits in Georgetown running radar Instant On and Constant radar. Usually sits facing northbound to hit trucks and tourist cruising through town. I’ve only been through here 2 times and each time I’ve seen the same black and white crown vic sitting in the same spot. A few miles down the highway, Idaho Highway patrol in a light blue SUV patrols just before you get to Bear Lake. He’s also using instant on KA Radar

This speed trap is a great example of a very small town that has closed its doors and is broke and needs money. The city council has decided to take advantage of the poor working man(truck drivers) because they are not creative enough to raise money any other way. Years ago when there was several business's along the highway and maybe a pedestrian, once in awhile, a city cop could do some good during the busy times of the day. Now there hasen't been a pedestrian in 10 years. All the business's are closed. You could go 60 mph and nobody would see you except the "trap" operator. What is wrong with the county and state officers. They could enforce what little law is needed in this ghost town. The council should reconsider what a disservice they do to the public. This one man, part time, writes more tickets, in this TRAP, than all the other law enforcement officers in the county do.
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