Grand Street near National Street

Springfield, MissouriJun 14, 20071 Comments

The speed is lowered from 30 mph to 20 mph only between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, and only for the 1-2 blocks west of National on Grand (in front of Missouri State stadium). The officers will sit, sometimes up to 3-4 cars, in the entryway where buses pull into the stadium, and pull over anyone who forgot to slow down for that 1-2 block zone. The posting that the speed limit is lowered does not have any flashing lights and is not posted very clearly (only once so if you miss it then you are unaware). They mostly sit there around noon. It is good that the speed is lowered because it is by a large pedestrian/university intersection but I also think they should post it more clearly, and extend the school zone for more than a block so people are more aware of it.

This is definitely a speed trap. Intentionally so! Motor cycle cops & squad cars. Occasionally manned by several cops. This has all the appearances of a fund raising effort for the City. First of all, it is not necessary to have a 20 MPH speed limit here for 1 -2 blocks. Motorists do not expect this sudden speed drop. Secondly, the wrong people are getting tickets. This should be enforced with J-walking tickets. Students who circumvent the fenced parking lot or who refuse to use the pedestrian designated walk zones are at fault. It certainly could be better marked, especially with a sign reading "Expect Enforcement" such as exists on Loren Street 1 block south. This is a fund raiser, without doubt!! I don't approve.
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