Hardeson Road, just north of 80th

Everett, WashingtonJul 22, 20122 Comments

In my view, a speed trap is a revenue-raiser in an area where the speed limit is too slow and the safety issues zero – or nearly so. Such is the situation at this location. Going northbound, just past Casino and the SR-526 (Boeing freeway) overpass, the speed goes from an anemic 25 mph to 30 mph. The Everett cops used to sit in front of the mobile home that’s just past 80th (the road to the driving range). Now, they’ve found a better spot. It’s at Veralene Way SW, where they can clock you at the bottom of the hill, but from a distance. They park their motorcycles around the corner, where they’re shrouded by big evergreen trees. Then, they stand on the sidewalk, from a distance looking like a pedestrian when they’re not blocked by the telephone poles. When they’ve decided on you, one will step out in the street and direct you onto Veralene and thus out of sight of the next potential victims, and the other cop takes over. I could see the look on one victim’s face go from "what’s going on?" – as in a traffic issue – to "oh s…" The only saving grace for most is the high volume of truck traffic to slow people down.

They were at this location in the a.m., I saw them at almost 9 a.m. and was one of only two pedestrians, both of us on the opposite side of the street. A friend of mine said they had been there earlier as well...in summertime!
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Well, seeing that there are three...yes 3...speed limit signs that are clearly visible against the treed background.....I really don't see how this is a "speed trap." It should be fairly obvious what the speed limit is. Most of the traffic comes from Casino Road......so why not pay attention. I frequent this area and really appreciate these officers that are out there in ALL sorts of weather. Keep up the good work.
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