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Driving a Ford e350 loaded down with camping gear and 5 person family. Taking our time to drive safe heading back to Ca. Completely out of residential area and heading into commercial area. An old beat up deputy vehicle swoops behind us follows us for about 1/2 mile and pulls us over for speeding. Says we were doing 38 miles in 25 zone but when i mentioned the sign ahead that states 35 mph, his reply was that is only after you pass the sign..lol..wow.. The young deputy was obviously uncomfortable and appeared to have been following standard operating guidelines. Its sad to see such a nice community with a dark cloud over it from a poorly ran local city council and police department. Go slow and don’t bother shopping or stopping in Blanding Utah, I vacation in Utah three times a year and will never drive through the cute little town again. Good luck.

I entered the city from the southern end on 191, where the speed reduces from 65 MPH to 45 MPH in 1.4 mile and then down to 30 MPH after another 0.9 mile. Unlike many towns before this, there is no radar feedback sign to warn you or even a yellow diamond-shaped speed reduction sign. I was driving 50 miles on the 4-lane Main Street on a Saturday morning (600 S Main St). Yes, I will admit that's over the posted limit but I was assuming the limit is 45. School was not in session and there's no school on Main Street anyway. Almost all the towns before this had fewer lanes but their speed limits are higher at 40 or even 45 (the lowest I had seen was 35, still higher than 30). To me this is prying on human habit. I was in no hurry as I was on my way to see Arches and I'd been a bit tired out by the 6-hour drive from Phoenix. The officer tried to be nice and wrote me a ticket for speeding at 40 and told me to just pay the fine or go to traffic school but that just makes it even more suspicious. (Of course when I called the court they told me there's no way to not pay the fine. Even when I go to court and the case is dismissed the citation is still going to appear on the record and the state of Utah doesn't offer traffic school). I would hate to call it a speed trap. But as someone from Arizona this gives me a reason to believe that other posts about the police targeting people from out of state have certain truth in them. I got so fed up that I decided to turn around even though Arches was only an hour away.
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