Heading North on Reservoir Street as you cross I-81

Harrisonburg, VirginiaJul 05, 20121 Comments

The speed limit on Reservoir St, a 4-lane road, is 35mph until you pass Wal-Mart and then there is one sign (frequently blocked by traffic coming out of Wal-Mart) indicating the speed has dropped to 25mph for the stretch of road that goes over the interstate. They catch you speeding as you go downhill after crossing over the interstate when you driving as if it is 35mph. As you proceed and follow the main traffic pattern onto Cantrell Ave., the speed increases to 35 again, but that 4/10 of a mile piece of Cantrell is 25 as if there was a school nearby and there is not.

They love the Sheetz, they sit there for hours pulling people over for fun. I almost got a bad ticket here my sophomore year of college. I was driving my girlfriend at the time's car with Ohio tags and EMU stickers and her in the passenger seat and another friend in the back. I was from PA and as we crested the hill heading back to EMU I was trying to pass this molasses slow Buick driven by a blue haired old bat. She kept speeding up and slowing trying to keep me from passing, finally we all had enough and I roared by her, well what do you know, 'burg cop comes up over the hill sees me and busts a u turn and comes after me. He must have seen or had an idea what was going on, because he came up asked for the normal stuff ran my license and gf's insurance and registration and just gave me a warning and told me to slow down and take it easy. I thought I was done for when I saw him mob the brakes and flip around after us. I know a lot of JMU kids don't get off so easily, I think the burg cops tend to be easier on us EMU kids in general. This was back in '04 and '05 during my last two years, haven't been back to town in a while so I'm not sure if this is still the case. I know city cops run Neff and Port all the time for underage drinking, partying, and DUI from Sunchase and the other JMU apartments, they were there constantly. Main Street and at the square they were always there watching the bars and hanging out down by Ihop, Wendy's, Waffle House and Sheetz for those late night drunk munchies. I used to see the same cop riding his bike around Wolf Street by the ice cream shop, one of my best friends lived behind the shop on Wolf and I was down there all the time. It never failed, he was always hanging around. Sometimes you'd see him in the parking garage or by Dave's Taverna which was a favorite spot of ours. Sometimes they'd hide in the parking lot of the hospital and off the two lane section in the city limits in one of the driveways coming into town.
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