Heading west Hwy 12 cop sits south side road

Lemmon, South DakotaApr 25, 20101 Comments

Cop sits facing east, come out of town at 35, when you are past the sale barn and well past the highway junction you are looking at the cop not the sign, they changed it to 45 for almost a mile heading out of town, $120.00 and they are nasty besides. go 120 miles to get around this town!

This is a real speed trap and alot of times the HP and either the local police officer or deputy sheriff sit at the junction in the parking lot of the old bar called the Loft, so they can radar people coming from the south on Hwy 73 when it drops from 65 to 45 way to far out, and also catch people on Hwy 12 where it drops from 65 to 45 about a mile west of there as the speed trap here suggests. Although the local police department is better than it was awhile ago, the deputy sheriff and HP are very rude people and like to throw around their appointed authority upon onto people. With all the speeding ticket revenue they should send these guys to a good public relations seminar to learn how to interact and speak to people, you know the ones that pay the taxes that provide their paychecks.
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