Highway 12, right into town

Orofino, IdahoApr 28, 20033 Comments

On the outskirts of town, there’s a large cluster of signs welcoming you to Orofino and proudly displaying their various civic organizations. The smallest and least noticable of these signs says "Speed Limit: 50". Since I drive the safe speed regardless of the limit, I slowed down as I entered the city. After the city ended, I sped back up to 60.

And at 60 I was pulled over, and the officer asked me if I went through Orofino often. I said that it was my first time (I’m from Seattle). At this point I assumed he was just asking because the sign was easy to miss and, hey, we all make mistakes. Nope. He came back with a big ole’ ticket and, visibly struggling to keep a straight face, said that I could contest it although "I don’t think you’ll be coming back through here anytime soon". He very clearly singled me out because of my out-of-state plates.

There is no speed trap, but local cops will pick you up at anywhere over 55mph. The signs for the 50mph limit are large and very visible. You are on a 4-lane highway, but it goes through a residential area with lots of cars entering & exiting. I know, because I live there!
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This is DEFINITELY a Speed Trap as of this date! I live here & it's the biggest revenue gathering tool the County has. It is at it's top performance from 1400-2200 hrs. Out of Staters are hit the hardest due to the hardship of appearing in court. Other LEO duties are low priority during this time frame. Since this part of Highway 12 is a drug corridor, emphasis is place on ANY probable cause. So take heed.
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Speed trap.....definitely not. I have lived here all my life and I have never once been stopped for speeding through this area. The trick is to not go over the posted speed limit. (duh) It is clearly posted as 50mph all through the Orofino/Riverside area and when you leave the 50mph area it is again clearly posted at 55mph. Not 60 or 65. This is a narrow, crooked road that is traveled by hundreds of people every day. It is a scenic byway with many pullouts, historical signs, fishing access and picnic and camping areas and a lot of wildlife crossing the roadway. This is NOT a freeway. If you get a ticket for going over the speed limit then good for the police. It's the limit for a reason and it could save your life or the life of someone else.
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